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Pure color acrylic solid surface is a high-quality material characterized by having a single, uniform, and consistent color throughout its entire composition. This material is made of pure acrylic polymer without any added substances, maintaining color consistency from the surface to the core, resulting in a seamless and enduring appearance. Unlike other surface materials that may have patterns or variations, pure color acrylic solid surface stands out for its even and consistent coloring, offering a stylish and modern aesthetic.

Pure color acrylic solid surface offers a diverse selection of vibrant colors, ranging from bold and bright hues to soft and neutral tones. This extensive color palette provides designers and architects with abundant choices to meet various project requirements and create unique personalized spaces.


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Surface Solution is inspired and created by a simple idea that countertop is the place where life’s moment happened. Originate from countertop, but not limit the usage to countertop, surface solution extend the applications of solid surface and unconsciously integrate the solid surface into daily life.
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